workshop participants make notes in the museum

Exploring with… MMU!

Students from Art and Humanities subjects at Manchester Metropolitan University came and explored the museum with us. As some had never visited before we had a whistle-stop tour from Harriet at PHM, then split up to explore individually.

workshop participants make notes in the museum


This is a museum of slogans and words… Timeless

The standout pieces from this session were the Pank-A-Squith board game, which was used to promote the Suffragettes’ cause, and, of course, the banners.

A theme we kept coming back to was that of timelessness, and the relevance of the museum in contemporary life. For example, parallels were drawn between the Industrial Revolution, and the ‘new Industrial Revolution’ taking place in today’s Manchester with the invention of graphene and other new technologies, and when looking at the way in which newspapers were policed in Britain we couldn’t help but be reminded of attacks on free speech around the world today.

We should never forget the past, and the people who are responsible for the life we live

The MMU People’s Guide will be available at PHM soon, in the meantime why not let us know about your own PHM explorations?