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Exploring with… Manchester Youth Council!

We had a great time exploring the museum with Moyo and Daniel from Manchester’s Youth Council, and even uncovered some gems we hadn’t noticed!

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As always we were stunned by the banners, but this time we discussed the collective effort of carrying huge banners on a long marches and how this underlined the point of unions and societies.

Daniel was particularly interested in the interactive elements of the Spanish Civil War exhibit, which really helped to bring home how deeply children were affected by the war.Moyo pointed out clothes labels used in the 1900s as a guarantee they had come from reputable factories, and how this ‘fair trade’ approach is still a controversial subject in the modern day.

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You’ll be able to read more from this session in the Manchester Youth Council People’s Guide, which will be available soon. In the meantime, if there’s something you’d like to share about the People’s History Museum please get in touch!