About The Project

The People’s Guide Project is a collaborative project between Kate Dunstone, Chloe Hamill and The People’s History Museum.

During the museum’s Play Your Part project groups from around Manchester have been invited to attend tours and workshops with Kate and Chloe. During these workshops we explore the museum and talk about what we’ve found. Then this discussion is used to create a guide to museum, to allow visitors to share different perspectives.

Soon you will be able to find all the guides created during the project on the reception desk at the People’s History Museum, and even download your own guide to personalise on your next visit.

About the Artists
Chloe Hamill
is a textile artist based in Manchester, based in fine art textiles her work is informed by current social issues and modes of collaborative working. Her MA practice aimed to engage the viewer with issues around sex trafficking through clothing and textiles.


Kate Dunstone is a Graphic Designer also based in Manchester. Her current practice explores the idea of ‘social making’, and the ways in which working collaboratively can engage and inspire participants and viewers.


The People’s History Museum is the national centre for the collection, conservation, interpretation and study of material relating to the history of working people in Britain.



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